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Workshops and Talks by David Anderson.
Toronto Cartooning Classes and Workshops
For Kids Parties and Adult Groups.


For fun and informative sessions of one hour or more.

Proving that anyone can draw and discover their own creativity. [View my Portfolio Below]


 Call Me To Set a Date [416] 533-2188. [All of these classes and workshops are closed

until further notice during the covid pandemic of 2020.]

Schools and Libraries.
Grades 3-8 Readings & Workshops

My sessions usually have the elements of wildlife and nature conservation incorporated into them. My collections of short stories are  told from the animals' point of view and have facts woven into them. They have a "sitting around the camp fire" or folk tale feel. As an illustrator, I bring along preliminary sketches and finished artwork to demonstrate the association between the text and the image. All sessions are tailored to the ages and grades of the pupils.

After reading a story, an interactive discussion on writing, character development and drawing takes place. We then discuss how to develop inspiration for stories from locations and subjects. Students are provided with pencils and paper and I engage them with fun and exciting techniques drawing on a lifetime of experience as an editorial cartoonist and illustrator.  We then explore the integration of  design and composition of the written word and illustration.

​$250.00 per one hour reading or workshop, plus HST; $400.00 per two hour reading or workshop, plus HST;

$750.00 for a full day reading/workshop [5 hours], plus HST. Travel expenses outside Toronto.

Grades 6-12 Talks on Editorial Cartooning

I am an experienced political cartoonist who had the difficult task of navigating through the restrictions of apartheid South Africa. I have been published on the editorial pages of most major newspapers in Canada since moving here in 1990 and am well qualified to discuss the significance and effect of this art form historically. My talks and workshops are fun and informative and are individually designed for each grade and to compliment the school curriculum.

$250.00 per one hour workshop, plus HST; $400.00 per two hour workshop, plus HST; $750.00 for a full day workshop [5 hours], plus HST. Travel expenses outside Toronto.

Other Presentations

Presentation on the roll of a political cartoonist with emphasis on South Africa [Apartheid and its demise] and Canada, from someone who has been an editorial cartoonist for major papers in both countries. Incorporating many visual examples, this presentation is suitable for high school and adult audiences.

Other aspects of my work include rendering and storyboard art for advertising, presentations, pitches and concept development.



Anderson illustration Toronto

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